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Registration The registration form must be signed by the company participating in the Show, hereinafter referred to as the “exhibitor”. A registration is valid as soon as Groupe Contex Inc. has accepted and signed this contract, and the exhibitor has accepted and signed this contract. All attached conditions and regulations are an integral part of this contract. Sharing a booth between two entities is not allowed. The signatory of the registration form declares that he/she has the capacity and standing to exercise all rights required for the conclusion and execution of this contract, and is duly authorized to act for and on behalf of the named exhibitor. Otherwise, the signatory personally guarantees jointly and severally all and each of the exhibitor’s obligations to Groupe Contex Inc., including any money owed by the exhibitor on the date of signing this contract and at any time thereafter. In addition, the signatory expressly and irrevocably waives the benefits of division and discussion. This personal guarantee constitutes a continuing guarantee for the duration of the contract. Space allocation Groupe Contex Inc. will allocate space in a manner it deems fair and technically feasible. The exhibitor agrees to show up and occupy the space so allocated. Unoccupied space will be assumed to be deserted by the exhibitor and will be assigned to another exhibitor. Groupe Contex Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the floor plan of the show and to move the space allocated to exhibitors. The sharing of booths between several companies and schools is not permitted. Invoicing – Terms of payment Invoices are issued in the name of the exhibitor. All payments must be made by cheque to the order of: Groupe Contex Inc. All registrations to one of our shows imply full payment upon receipt of the invoice. We reserve the right to assign your space(s) to another exhibitor if we do not receive your payment in full by September 26. Any amount remaining due after the date of the Show will bear interest at the rate of 18% per annum, or 1.5% per month from the date of the invoice, calculated upon failure of the exhibitor or signatory, as the case may be, to refer the account to a collection agent or lawyer, the exhibitor or signatory, as the case may be, agrees to pay, in addition to the balance due, collection fees equal to 20% of the balance due in principal and interest. Any payment by credit card online, implies 100% payment of the package and options. Cancellation by the exhibitor All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and will be deemed to have been made on the day they are received at Groupe Contex Inc.’ offices.
Any cancellation between the date of registration and the one hundred and eightieth (180th) day before the date of the Show will automatically result in the payment of a penalty corresponding to 10% of the total amount of the contract.Groupe Contex inc, 355 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, bureau 501, Montréal, Québec, H3B 1A5
Any cancellation between the one hundred and eightieth (180th) and the thirtieth (30th) day prior to the opening date o f the Show will automatically result in the loss of the deposit for the related Show (50% of the total contract amount).
Any cancellation between the thirtieth (30th) day and the opening date of the Show will result in a penalty of 100% of the total amount of the contract for the related Show. Cancellation by Groupe Contex Inc.
In the event that the Show is delayed, interrupted or prevented, in whole or in part, notably and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, by an event beyond the control of Groupe Contex Inc. or by a cause known or unknown at the date of signature of this contract, whether or not said event or cause is unforeseen or arises from a situation of force majeure, Groupe Contex Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to postpone the Show, which may take place physically or virtually, by notifying the exhibitor in writing. In such event, the provisions of this contract shall continue to apply, mutatis mutandis. If the Show cannot be rescheduled at a later date, Groupe Contex Inc. will, at its sole discretion, cancel the Show and a refundable portion will be calculated by Groupe Contex Inc. on an equitable basis, so that the costs already incurred by Groupe Contex Inc. will be covered. It is understood that Groupe Contex Inc. will not be held responsible for any damage caused by such an event. In no event shall Groupe Contex Inc. (including, if applicable, its subsidiaries and parent company as well as its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, collaborators and subcontractors) be liable to the exhibitor or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages, including but not limited to lost profits or other economic loss (whether arising out of contract, tort or negligence) even if Groupe Contex Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall Groupe Contex Inc.’ total liability to the exhibitor exceed the value of the amounts received by Groupe Contex Inc. and paid by the exhibitor. The exhibitor expressly releases Groupe Contex Inc. from any liability beyond this limit. Compliance
Groupe Contex Inc. may, before, during and after the Show, promulgate any rules and regulations it deems appropriate in the interest of the Show. Furthermore, the exhibitor agrees to comply with and respect the rules and regulations issued and decreed by the host hall or city. Refusal of merchandise
Groupe Contex Inc. reserves the right to refuse certain merchandise or persons whose presence or behaviour it deems dangerous or detrimental to the proper conduct of the Show. Groupe Contex Inc. may, at its discretion, change the space allocated to an exhibitor in order to preserve the character and good order of the Show. Maestro Culinaire has the exclusive right to sell and distribute food and beverages inside the Palais des congrès de Montréal exhibition hall. Exhibitors wishing to serve food or beverages at their booth must contact Maestro Culinaire. Display
No sign or billboard may be placed in any area other than that designated by Groupe Contex Inc. and all signs or billboards must be approved by Groupe Contex Inc..Groupe Contex inc, 355 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, bureau 501, Montréal, Québec, H3B 1A5 Liability for loss and theft
Groupe Contex Inc. cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal and/or professional belongings. Full and complete agreement
This Agreement represents the entire and complete agreement between the parties. No statement, representation, promise or condition not contained herein can or shall be deemed to contradict, modify or affect in any way the terms of this Agreement. Legal interpretation
This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the Province of Quebec and shall be deemed to have been concluded in the judicial district of Montreal, where the parties agree to elect domicile, choosing it as the appropriate district for the hearing of any claim arising from the interpretation, application, performance, coming into force, validity and effects of this contract. Penalties
The exhibitor agrees to respect the show schedule. Any early departure of 30 minutes or more will result in a penalty of $250.

Groupe Contex inc. 355, rue Sainte-Catherine O, bureau 501, Montréal, Québec, H3B 1A5